About Us

There's an old saying, often attributed to Mark Twain, that says, "To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail." This is all too often true in the consulting world. For example, when a major consultancy that owns a proprietary product comes to your organization with promises to help you, guess what they end up deciding you need?

OrchardStreetSystems does things differently. We don't have any hidden agendas or preconceived notions about what you need or want. We find out from you what your goals or concerns are, and take a holistic, integrated approach to devising creative solutions specifically for you.

Depending on your unique circumstances, OS2 might help you improve your work processes; we might guide you in structuring your organization and workspace; we might help you identify and implement important changes; we might implement technology systems; or we might do all of those things, and/or others.