Our Approach

We recognize that your organization is a system, made up of multiple systems, and is itself part of a larger system. All these systems and subsystems are interrelated, and over time they influence, and are influenced by, each other. Decisions made in any one of the systems can end up supporting or destroying either itself or some other interrelated system(s).

We recognize that systems are made up of people, processes,... and often technology. And we believe that technology exists to serve people and processes, not the other way around.

We recognize that sometimes a thing that is seen as a problem is really just a symptom of an underlying problem. It's our goal to uncover deep causal relationships and address causes rather than alleviate symptoms. We consider possible effects on the big picture and over the long term.

We recognize that we don't have the answer to every question at our fingertips - the world is not that simple a place. While we are proud of our past achievements, we are humble enough and passionate enough about our work that we eagerly continue to learn and grow. This keeps our lives and careers interesting, and helps us serve our clients better as well.